---i was b0rn t0 be stubb0rn, to be a little bit bitchy... t0 push people, to push myself....i was taught never t0 take life for granted... t0 live a little ... to love everything that i have...to never give up...t0 believe in myself...
but m0st 0f all.... t0 fight myself t0oo.... ^_^

_0ne's first l0ve is always perfect until s0meone meet 0ne's sec0nd l0ve_

Thursday, 28 November 2013

0llies WardR0be.. trbaeKk..

 assalamualaik0wm.. :)
- these are the ch0thes tht i like fr0m Ollies Wardrobe.. l0ok nice & beautiful..

 (B02-i've got it)

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