---i was b0rn t0 be stubb0rn, to be a little bit bitchy... t0 push people, to push myself....i was taught never t0 take life for granted... t0 live a little ... to love everything that i have...to never give up...t0 believe in myself...
but m0st 0f all.... t0 fight myself t0oo.... ^_^

_0ne's first l0ve is always perfect until s0meone meet 0ne's sec0nd l0ve_

Saturday, 4 August 2012

am I hAppy tHis yeAr ?


this year i will underg0 PMR..... fasting is ab0ut t0 expire and syawal is near at hand. happiness c0mes when she thought ab0ut syawal but fear when reminded examinati0n this year....i sh0uld f0rget about the Hari Raya and c0ntinue t0 work hard t0 get my dream t0 succeed. meaning i have t0 study hard... 0h my G0sh...i have n0t prepared f0r this examinati0n.... :( s0 help me g0d...please... all my luck is in y0ur hands g0d... but it d0esn't mean i d0 n0t have t0 w0rk hard anym0re....
it's 0k, with the help fr0m you and all my eff0rts, i am sure i will succeed.... ^_^


  1. kenapa lah mlm tdi aq bley mimpi ka .. pelik , pastu tetibe rindu kat ErnieSuraya umm.. aq nk jumpa ka lah .. nk perkenalkn dri kat mak and ayah ka ..